we are a team of engineers, designers,
innovators and manufacturers.
we create innovative
products and MATERIALS that help
corporations change the world.

We are a catalyst for change

We believe the key to dramatic positive change lies in the intersection between innovative scientific breakthrough and mass scale corporate collaboration. Working closely with global corporations allows us to implement our bio technologies at scale and witness the exponential impact that has on our planet. We build solutions specifically for organisations in order to propel them, and the world, towards a circular economy.

Our Expertise


Experienced team able to source raw materials to make the most sustainable combinations or alternatives in products and packaging solutions.


Developing new, sustainable products and materials is what we do. From concept stage right through to commercially scalable solution that can be implemented into a product or supply chain.


Over 80 percent of a product’s environmental impact is decided
upon at the design stage. Our designers create materials and products with sustainability and functionality at its core. Designing with the end in mind.


Biotechnology, material science and bio-engineering are making groundbreaking advancements. Our engineers make sure we are at the forefront of these developments and incorporate them in to our solutions.


Sustainable materials and sustainable processes are at the core of our innovations. Manufacturing is a crucial element to scalable eco friendly solutions and make sure the processes are just as innovative as the materials themselves.


Collaboration is at the heart of any significant change in the world. We collaborate with all stakeholders necessary to bring our technologies to life and to make an impact at scale.


Tangible solutions. Tangible difference. We separate ourselves from the sea of reporting, consulting and facts about climate change frequently leading to more inaction. We identify some of the world’s biggest problems and employ engineering, biotechnology, creativity and collaboration.

The result? Ground-breaking advancements in material science and tangible, scalable products, materials and fibres. All ready to be implemented into the supply chains of the organisations that have the desire to change the world.